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Koke Yirgacheffe G1

Region: Gedio,Yirgacheffe
Altitude: 1870 - 1900 m
Varietal: Ethiopian Heirlooms
Process: Natural
Roasted for Filter

Tastes like sweet apple, cherry and black tea with floral aromas and a smooth caramel finish.

Yirgacheffe is one of the districts in Ethiopia, named after its major town, Yirgacheffe is bordered in the south by Kochere and in the west by the Oromia Zone.

The annual temperature in Koke village is in between 11°C to 25°C which gives a perfect condition for processing Natural coffee. The wild natural yeast in this area can thrive under this particular temperature range to produce an interesting predominant cherry with fruit-driven notes.

In the Koke Washing Station, there are 10 standardised fermentation tanks that follow international coffee washing and preparation rules. There are also more than 89 drying beds in Koke station and each of them has its own code used to monitor the processing status of each lot.