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Finca El Resplandor

Region: Buesaco, Nariño
Varietal: Caturra
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1800 - 1860 m
Roasted for Filter

Tastes like Lemongrass, Red Apple, Tamarind, Orange, Dried Peach.

Grown by Monica Ceron at Finca El Resplandor. This coffee was picked and had sorted by her two sons Jairo and Ivan. Later the cherries were placed in water tanks for 45 hours to ferment. The cherries were then pulped, washed and dried on raised beds for 20 days.

Monica is 47 and while running the farm, also works as a school teacher at a local school. While she is at school, her sons Jairo and Ivan follow her instructions on how to fertilize, control disease on the coffee trees and process the coffee picked n the farm.
Monica managed to get her hands on some Gesha seeds in 2019 and she expects 3000 Gesha trees to start producing by 2022.