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Gibuzale Natural Lot 2

Country: Uganda 
Region: Kisinga
Altitude: 1500 - 1900 m
Varietal: Bourbon, SL-28, S-795
Process: Pura Cepa Fermentum Naturalis
Roasted for Filter

Taste like mango with floral aromas and tropical fruit punch flavours.

This East African country was mainly known for its Robusta crops. Yet times are changing: over the last ten years, Arabica production has boomed and Uganda is starting to make a name for itself among third wave roasters and coffee lovers.

This coffee comes from the Mount Elgon that lies in the eastern reaches of the country, straddling the Uganda – Kenya border. Judging by its enormous base it is thought that Mount Elgon was once the tallest mountain in Africa. The coffee shambas extend up and down the cliff faces, making use of natural water gullies and forest cover to extract moisture from the soil.

Fermentum Naturalis is a mix between aerobic and anaerobic fermentation on the cherry without a tank, the cherry is inoculated with our own "kefir" which is our blend of lactic bacteria and esters (yeast) to enhance the most desired flavours of the coffee.