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Las Veraneras

Region: Cauca
Varietal: Castillo/Caturra
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1824 m
Farmer: Herman Garzon
Roasted for Filter

Tastes like kiwi fruit, mandarin, blood orange, Panela, 70% dark chocolate. 

We only have 48kg's of this very special green coffee, so once it is sold out, then that's all we can supply for now.

Also please note, that because of the rarity and price of the green, we are selling this product in bags of 150 grams only.

Cauca is a mountain and volcanic region located in the southwestern part of Colombia. Herman Garzón is a passionate farmer who has been working for years on his farm, Las Veraneras which occupies 3 hectares. Being home to very high altitude farms, Cauca is a very well known area due to the unique coffee produced in that area.