Origin  Agaro, Jimma
Coffee Region  Limu, Grade 1
Notes  Cherry and yellow florals with a bright citrus acidity
Processing  Washed
Varietal  Heirloom
Altitude  2000 - 2200 mass
Farm  Smallholder Farms
Producer  Ahmed Abatemam

Roasted for Filter

We're excited to bring this small run of coffee outside of the ECX (Ethiopian Commodity Exchange), direct from two brothers, Ahmed Abatemam and his brother Khalid. together they work a 35ha estate at around 2100 mass of mostly “73” and “94” varietals.

Ahmed is the beneficiary of changes within the Ethiopian coffee sector legislature in 2017 enabling small estate owners (200, 50, 20ha) to export their coffee. In 2017 it was mostly naturally processed coffees that were sold under this model (since these require only picking, sorting and low infrastructure beds for drying) but the larger estates have de-pulpers and sell washed coffee as well. In 2018 many of those previously without de-pulpers were able to purchase them with proceeds from that year’s sales.

A neat little opportunity for small roasters and relatively small estate holders to connect outside of the aegis of the infamous ECX (Ethiopian Commodity Exchange). Ahmed’s estate is just near the famous Hunda Oli Cooperative in the Agaro region, and the brothers use a hand-cranked pulper to produce mostly washed coffee.

On the farm are Coffee Berry Disease resistant varietals, some planted 5 years ago and the older trees 8 years ago. The seed is thought to be "73" or "94". They got the seed 10 years ago from the Jimma Agricultural Research Centre but newer plantings are from their own seed. No leaf rust was evident on the farm. Productivity on the farm is good, they yield 7-13kg cherries per tree depending on age. They use lots of pea straw to prevent soil dryness and increase fertility.