Stagg Pour-Over Kettle’s beautifully functional design kicks your brewing up a notch.

Enjoy an intuitive, steady pour with Stagg’s precision pour spout. Keep track of temperature with a built-in brew-range thermometer.

Pour at an even, slow pace with Stagg’s counterbalanced handle that moves the centre of mass back towards your hand.

The analogue temperature probe is removable should you ever want to replace it with a digital one. (It is recommended for safety reasons however that you always leave the thermometer in to plug the hole at the top of the lid).


-Gas, electric, and induction range compatible.

-1.0L capacity.

Stainless steel body.

*New v1.2 stainless steel lid.

*Slight discolouration on the bottom of copper Stagg will occur when used on gas and electric stoves.