At our heart we want to show you how great coffee can taste when passion and dedication come together to create something amazing in a cup.

We aren't about conventional Espresso and roasting methods – that's not what gets us out of bed in the morning. Crafting clean, sweet, seasonal single origin espresso and filter coffees to passionately prepare for you. To share the labyrinth of flavour in the cup you drink is what excites us. If you're new to coffee, like to try new things, or are a real coffee enthusiast we would love to share our craft and passion with you.

Mission Statement

We want to show you that there are some truly special single-origin coffees around. We will always strive to educate ourselves so we can roast and prepare our coffees to the best of our abilities. If you take the coffee home or to the office, then we will help you to ensure that the coffee tastes the same at yours. We want you to be empowered to learn more about coffee without feeling stupid or that we are too precious about what we do.

Red Rabbit Coffee Co. - Promo Video from Red Rabbit Coffee Co on Vimeo.