Single Origin Coffee

Steve Barrett our founder and green buyer and head roaster, is very passionate (some might say borderline obsessive?) about coffee, and that is why Steve goes to great lengths to deal with the best global green single-origin coffee traders in the world, so Red Rabbit can import unique and super tasty green coffee.

Steve and the team then spend countless hours painstakingly cupping and roast profiling them to perfection, so that all our avid coffee fans get to enjoy these exceptional roasted coffees in a way that only Steve can create.

We often get asked, why we change our green coffee so regularly? And it's a great question and the main two reasons are as follows.

1, Coffee is a naturally grown product, every season it can be affected by growing conditions e.g. rainfall, sunshine hours, diseases etc, so Steve will test each seasons batch and if it is not up to his expectation, then he simply won't buy it, 

2, Often our green comes from small artisanal farms, so the volume of coffee is low but the quality is high, this means it is in demand even at the premium price we pay for it so that seasons crop is often sold out weeks after being released.

Want to know more, then head over to Facebook and message us or even better, come into our or partner sites and we can tell you all about the coffees were are currently serving.