Welcome; you have clicked here, then you are curious about working together to get a new standard of coffee to wow your customers with and stand out from the crowd, so don't hold back, send us a message or call, and we will get in contact with you for a natter to see how we can help your coffee cafe, cart or restaurant go to the next level!

North Island Account Manager - Adrian Sole

Adrian is a Co-Owner of Red Rabbit and has 20 years of Hospo and business experience, so happy to help with any advice about your cafe or restaurant.

Do get in touch with Adrian Sole - adrian @ redrabbitcoffee .co.nz or call on 021 866 338 or use our handy online contact form below.

Alternatively, download Adrian's contact details here.

South Island Account Manager - Mike Boyd

Mike Boyd is the Account Manager for the South Island, Mike has over 10 years of experience and has worked in some fantastic cafes, ending up owning a café, working with a roastery and competing in national coffee competitions, placing at a high of 4th, Mike says these were a great way to strive to improve his skills, operations knowledge and craft!

Mike now owns 'It's All Good Brew' in Blenheim but is still here to help you improve your coffee offering by supplying Wildcat Coffee or Red Rabbit Coffee - Single Origin Coffee - to more cafes and restaurants, continue to share his love and passion of coffee - beans, roasting, making and drinking. He'd also be happy to have a quick chat about coffee in general, and what a great and varied career being a barista is :)

Do get in touch with Mike Boyd - mike @ redrabbitcoffee .co.nz or call on 027 855 5188 or use our handy online contact form below.

Or alternatively, download Mikes contact details here