At Red Rabbit Coffee we want to fuel/caffeinate these incredibly important and hardworking Charities/NFP/NGO’s (Charity) that are a part of our social fabric that helps make New Zealand such a special place by suppling our delicious Red Rabbit Coffee to them at a heavily discounted rate of 50% (Offering 1) or in some cases for FREE Coffee along with FREE brewing equipment (Offering 2)

For back story on 'Why' we came up with this ‘Giving Back' initiative then please read more here.

Offering 1 - 50% Discount on all Roasted Coffee or Coffee Subscriptions for your Charity

All your Charity has to do to start receiving this 50% discount is to fill in the form below and provide us the following information and we will set you up in our system and then send you back a special discount code for you to use.

Please Note:

Even if your charity does not take up Offer 1 (we will send the code regardless) you will still need to go through the above application process if you want to be considered to receive Offering 2 by also filling in the optional part as well.

As part of this application you grant Red Rabbit Coffee Co Ltd the right to recognise your charity in marketing collateral, once it is actively benefiting from either Offering.

Offering 2 – Builds on Offering 1, but also includes 1 x Free Filter Brewing Machine and 500g a week of filter coffee

Based on combined volumes of our Coffee Subscriptions @ Home & Office (see FAQ below for more info) we are planning to supply as many of this offering as possible, the more subscriptions we have then the more we will supply!

The Red Rabbit team will select the charities to receive Offering 2 from the applications received when the optional portion was filled in.

1 x Free On-Loan Wilfa Classic Automatic Filter Machine 

1 x Weekly delivery of 500g of our delicious Red Rabbit Filter Coffee, already pre ground and naturally delivery is included.

1 x Initial Set up and Training


Q, We already have coffee making equipment? Can we still receive FREE coffee if we are one the Charities/NFP chosen for Offering 2? A, Yes of course.

Q, Can we swap Filter Coffee for and equivalent amount of Espresso then and potentially as beans? A, Yes of course.

Q, Can we organise our friends, families and businesses that already support our Charity/NFP to start a Red Rabbit Coffee subscription so we can guarantee to receive FREE equipment and Filter Coffee? A, Yes we can make that work, though please speak to Adrian before doing that so we can track those subscriptions to your organization.

Q, How can Red Rabbit Coffee Co. afford do this for Offering 2? A, From a Red Rabbit side of things we will keep a separate tally of all our coffee subscription sales for @ home or office, these have a different values depending on the frequency and value of those subscriptions, but on average for every 20 subscriptions we will provide the Offering 2 to a Charity/NFP and even a NGO if they qualify and are selected.

Q, How will we know who is receiving Offering 2? A, We will list all the organizations Logo and Web Address below.

Q, What happens if our charity ceases? A, No problems, please send back the equipment if you have been receiving Offering 2 and we will cancel the discount code.

Keen on knowing more or seeing how you can help? Just drop us a message or call Adrian on 021 866338 or email givingback @