We are proud to announce that all Red Rabbit Coffee & Courier Bags are part of the Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme. We thought long and hard about which way to go e.g. compostable or recycle and it came down to the softplastic option kept our precious coffee fresher and for longer than compostable bags.

Soft Plastics are considered to be any flexible plastic which can be scrunched into a ball. All you have to do is simply take your used Soft Plastics, once clean and dry, to your nearest participating store and put them in the Soft Plastic Recycling Bins like below.

Our Coffee & Courier Bags Can Now be Soft Plastic Recycled

These green and white bins are available at selected Countdown, New World, The Warehouse, Pak’nSave and other locations.

Did you know the Soft Plastics you drop off are re-processed into a range of new plastic products so thank you for doing your bit to help create a sustainable circular economy.

Ar Red Rabbit we are committed to the Soft Plastics Recycling for all new packaging going forward. For more information about the Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme, click here.

Please email us at info @ redrabbitcoffee.co.nz if you would like any further information about our packaging.