Domo is Italian for home. Bar is Italian for café. Domobar: café at home.

Vibiemme founded in 1976 by Carlo Valente, (who previously founded Faema) then becoming consolidated under the Osnato family spanning 40 years of History.

Domobar is the 1st espresso machine for domestic use equipped with the VBM E61 group head. 40 years of development, it leads the way in espresso machines for home users, embodying the image of style and quality of life, reliability and a strictly made in Italy design.

The Junior is one of the best coffee machines for home espresso, this authentic and stylish espresso machine is 100% made in Italy since 1979 and re-engineered by Espresso Engineers the NZ distributor for New Zealand use.

VBM Domobar Espresso Machines have a heat exchange system to ensure a consistent 92 degrees coffee temperature and the most powerful steam pressure in its class. For well-balanced espresso, full of flavour and aroma, together with thick velvety milk, giving you a flat white as good as you'll get anywhere in the world.

The VBM Domobar Junior is the little brother to the Domobar Super in size but still delivering mighty performance in a smaller package giving you a flat white as good as you'll get anywhere in the world and sized to perform just about anywhere - bach, boat or at home.

Comes with a 12 Months Warranty for Parts & Labour - RTB

NOTE: This is not a stocked item and we place an order and dropship per sale - so allow 3 - 5 days for delivery once we confirm desired stock availability! 

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Dimensions 22.5cm (W) x 40.5cm (H) x 40cm (D)
Boiler Volume 1.4 litres
Element 1600 watts
Water Tank Volume 2.8 litres
Colour Stainless Steel
Features E61 Group head designed by Carlo Valente
  Vibration pump
  Solid-State relay controlling element
  Water reservoir cut-off sensor
  Incredible thermal stability shot after shot