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Domobar Super allows you to obtain excellent steam performance and extraction temperature adjustment: the temperature can be adjusted to a degree and determine the perfect extraction curve for your coffee quality. The power of the steam supply is adjustable according to one’s ability.

  • Display OLED: These adjustments, in the digital and electronic versions, are accessible from the 3.5 ”touch display, in addition to other functions of daily operation. You can also access the verification of meter sessions, intercepting anomalies and alarms. The display is a true control centre for all the parameters of the machine. Select the extraction curve for your espresso. With ten available profiles, you’ll find the right one to get the best out of your coffee. The tray made in synthetic material is light and easy to handle and eliminates the risk of scratches and bumps on the edges. The tray has been scratch proofed to make it dishwasher-safe. A level sensor always monitors the level of the water tank. The dedicated LED indicates the need for refilling.
  • Ergonomics and energy saving: Eco mode is present, to lower the temperature of the machine in times of inactivity and obtain significant energy savings. Knobs and dispensing lever have an ergonomic shape that allows more precise delivery of water and steam, giving character to the machine design.
  • VBM – E61: Thermosiphonic circulation group in cromed-brass, with a mechanical pre-infusion chamber, with manual controls (lever). Filter diameter 58 mm
  • Dual Boiler: The dual boiler system has two boilers: one for espresso extraction and the other to deliver steam and hot water for tea.
  • Customization: Customise your Domobar: with our range of colours you can match your machine to any environment. And when it’s time for a change, you can give your machine a new look: the side panels are fixed on with magnets, so they can easily be removed and replaced with a different colour whenever you like.

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    Group Head VBM - E61 group in chromed-brass, with mechanical pre-infusion chamber and manual control (lever)
    Coffee Boiler 0.5 l
    Steam Boiler 2 l
    Dual Boiler The dual boiler system has two boilers: one for espresso extraction and the other to deliver steam 
    Pump  24v DC variable speed magnetic gear pump
    Water Supply Sensor water tank switchable to plumbed-in connection
    Water Drain Drawer
    Heating Element 600 + 1200 W controlled by a solid-state relay
    Dimensions width 250mm / height 420mm / depth 470mm / weight 35 kg 
    Included in the box Instruction Manual / single and double handle / Blind Filter / Pulycaff detergent
    Interface 3.5’’ capacitive TFT display