Hate waking up in the morning or turning up to work looking forward to your favourite coffee only to find you have run out? Never fear again, Red Rabbit Coffee Club to the rescue, become a legend and subscribe now so you will never be without your coffee ritual again, get freshly roasted artisan coffee delivered right to your door every one, two or four weeks - you choose, you're in control, crisis averted!

UPDATE: All 'Build Your Own' plans now include the following.

    • Every 10th, 20th and 30th etc order will be FREE - Yes FREE, so that's like a 10% discount!
    • As fellow coffees lovers, we know you buy all sorts of coffee equipment, so all active subscriptions will receive a 10% discount on all other coffee and certain coffee equipment* Please use SUBSCRIBERPERK discount code at check out
    • When it comes to Espresso Machines, Electric Grinders or Filter Machines - email us at websales @ redrabbitcoffee.co.nz and we will find a way to make it better value for you :)

*Discount excludes anything that is powered and can't be used with another discount code or auto cart discounts.

10% Coffee Subscription Loyalty Promotion

To enable ‘legend status’ subscribe now and get your fresh coffee delivered right to your door for Home or Office, simply follow these easy steps

1, Select Espresso or Filter Build Your Own subscription that suits.

2, Choose Weekly Delivery Frequency that suits e.g. ‘1 - 6’

3, Choose ‘Weight’ e.g.  ‘500g’ and ‘Preparation’ e.g. ‘Beans’

4, Choose Quantity e.g. ‘1’

5, Then press ‘ADD TO CART’ and then click on your ‘Cart Icon’, then add any notes and click on ‘Checkout’ as normal.

NOTE: The day you start your subscription is the day it starts or next working day ship all your orders, this day cant be changed.

Though, via your account, at any time you can pause or cancel your membership, increase or decrease the coffee amount, according to your needs, redirect or update details.

And now all coffee subscriptions fuel a charity with a 50% discount or even Free Filter Equipment and coffee - more information here under 'Community Matters'

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q,  Does this Auto-renew? A, Yes & No - All 'Build Your Own' subscription plans will Auto-Renew until you stop it by logging into your account and cancelling the subscription. All 'GIFT' Subscriptions only charge one time.

Q, Is Freight/Courier included in all Subscription Plans? A, Yes!

Q, Are there any other hidden fees like Credit Card fees, RD delivery? A, None, all costs are included in the subscription.

Q, What variety of coffee will I get? A, Steve our head roaster will select the most popular Espresso or Filter variety that’s in stock and supply that until we receive new seasonal stock changes.

Q, Why are there 3 & 6 month pre-paid GIFT subscriptions options as well? A, Most buy them for a gift, some of our clients like the pre-pay especially if it is for work, the 6-month option has an extra bag of coffee as an added bonus.

Q, Are my Credit Card details stored and are they safe? A, Yes, but not by us or ReCharge – but by Stripe a trusted payment gateway provider used by millions of business worldwide.

Q, Can I have more than one subscription simultaneously with different options? A, Yes, that’s common as you may have beans weekly for espresso but filter 2 weekly pre-ground for filter, any combination can be supported. 

Please note that you must add your subscription choice to the cart, then checkout before choosing to use CC or Apple Pay to pay for the subscription. All other options will cause an error.