GrindMinder (combo countertop + grinder) brush is another Pallo multi-purpose tool. Originally designed for use by baristas and home users to brush away coffee grounds, crumbs, and debris from countertops and coffee grinders. The low profile also allows you to easily reach into tight spaces.

Useful for dusting too! The GrindMinder is also handy when dusting computer keys, computer screens, desktops, workshop surfaces, window sills, and more.

Its no-smear technology and ergonomic handle ensure a hassle-free cleaning experience, and its industrial-grade durability makes the GrindMinder a smart investment.

IMPORTANT: Ensure the coffee grinder is turned OFF before cleaning with a GrindMinder.

-Product Dimensions: 275 x 50 x 25 mm 

-Brush away coffee grinds and crumbs

-Food grade bristles