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Metallurgica Motta since 1967 is producing stainless steel kitchenware and professional items with high quality and Italian design.

This is the original competition tamper designed for the Barista world championships by Metallurgica Motta.

It is designed to ensure that you have a perfect fit for competition baskets such as IMS competition baskets. These 
precision tampers ensure a perfect fit, preventing the tamper from moving side to side, which helps prevent channelling and spurting from the sides when using a bottomless portafilter. 

Good tamping ensures a solid and even puck, which will enhance the shot for a smoother taste.

Made from a flat 58.4mm 
high gloss, stainless steel base and Italian stained beech wood from one of Italy's best tamper makers, it is ideal for any Baristas, looking for a tamper that both holds up under heavy use and creates a great even tamp every time.
Designed for VST, IMS, Barista pro, La Marzocco & Slayer portafilter baskets. Choice of Handle Colours of Olive, Black, Flower and Black-White & Brown


  • Designed and manufactured in Italy
  • High gloss nonstick stainless steel base
  • Weighted stainless steel (365g) for perfect compression 
  • Solid wood ergonomically shaped handle - won't wear
  • Made in Italy